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With billions of web pages offering information on any topic imaginable, a simple online search for “itching on the hand” would return thousands of results in an instant. Some of these would either leave you confused or scared. Medical information is of a delicate nature, and therefore should be presented in an easy-to-understand manner. For medical information to serve its purpose, it has to be created and vetted by experts in the field.

It is one thing for us to write, and it is another for you to understand, without unnecessarily alarming you. In our writing process, special care is taken to ensure that unfamiliar medical and health information is clearly explained and that our work reflects the latest medical research, and is presented accurately.

HealthCabal provides answers to your health questions when you need them most. We want to guide you to the answers you so need as you take all the necessary steps to enjoying good health.

Subject-Matter Experts

While most of our articles are written by health journalists and health content creators, each of the articles are reviewed by experts in their respective fields. The overwhelming majority of our writers possess degrees in medicine-related fields, some are doctors, others nurses, dietitians fields and others who work in the medical field.

Our Medical Review Board is made up of several board-ceritifed medical doctors and other medical experts who are respected in their respective areas of practise. The Board members review pieces of medical content to ensure that they are factual, up-to-date and accurate. These pieces of content include articles, images, illustrations, animations, 3D images, and more.

When a reviewer works on an article and decides that adjustments are necessary, our editorial team is informed and they make the necessary adjustments before the work goes live.

Editorial Team

Made up of highly-skilled individuals, our editorial team manages everything published on HealthCabal. Each article and its components are the product of the work of several people working to ensure that it is grammatically correct, easy to understand, accurate, trustworthy, and helpful.


We have the responsibility to make sure that every news item published on HealthCabal is accurate, clear, and trustworthy. We rely on primary, reputable news sources, and receive input from reputable and credible medical experts, and a team of dedicated news writers to provide you with the latest information in the health and medical space. We go beyond breaking news to provide the context, analysis and insights required to keep you informed.

References, Sources and Citations

To ensure that our medical assertions and suggestions are reliable, our articles are fact-checked against, and backed by current primary references, peer-reviewed medical journals, government health information sources, academic organizations and authoritative health and medical information websites. Therefore, our articles have sources and references listed at the end, or may be cited within the articles.

Up-to-date Information

As we fly through the space of time, changes occur. Medical practices and standards change too. Obsolete medical information could be as dangerous as not being informed at all, or even worse. Therefore, our Medical Review Board routinely evaluates our content to ensure that it contains the latest information, statistics and guidelines. Whenever necessary, our content is re-written, re-edited and re-certified by our Review Board. If you stumble upon any of our content that you think needs to be updated, please let us know by sending an email to editorial[at]healthcabal.com.

The HealthCabal Voice

Health information presented online is sometimes impersonal, cold, overwhelming and difficult to clearly understand. To really serve our purpose of really educating our readers, we have adopted a voice that speaks to the heart of our readers in a manner that subtly asserts authority, yet remaining compassionate and reassuring them that we truly care about them.


We love to hear from you. If you have a comment or suggestion to share, feel free to contact us at editorial[at]healthcabal.com.