Over 60 Million Nigerians Lack safe Drinking Water

Over 60 Million Nigerians Lack safe Drinking Water
Nigeria is the most densely inhabited country in Africa with a population of 158 million people and growing rapidly. Over 60 Million Nigerians Lack safe Drinking Water
Water and sanitation services are not keeping up with the demand, with devastating results
Over 122 million people don’t have access to adequate sanitation in Nigeria, over two thirds of the population.
60.7Million  people in Nigeria don’t have access to safe water.
 Over 97,000 children die every year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation in Nigeria.

The crisis

We are blessed with a natural wealth of gold, oil and diamonds, widespread poverty abound in Nigeria because these resources are not being transformed into employment or improvements in living standards for millions of people.

Lands in some urban areas are unsafe to live on, often with constant threat of eviction. These areas commonly lack safe water and proper toilets – any facilities that are available are communal, unlit and dirty.

Communities are cut off from the benefits of development like roads, water supplies and toilets. Many people spend hours every day collecting water, with huge costs to their health and livelihoods.

In total, 60.7 million people in Nigeria don’t have access to safe water. Over 122 million people lack access to adequate sanitation – over two thirds of the population and results in more than 97,000 children dying every year from diarrhoea.


The approach

WaterAid works with the people that are most in need – the poor and marginalised.  Working with local experts and communities to build simple technologies that will last long into the future, helping to support health, education and livelihoods.

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Working with local authorities and the national Government to set standards for water and sanitation systems, promoting good sanitation and hygiene practices to communities and schools to ensure lasting changes.


  • 116,000 people with safe water
  • 308,000 people with improved sanitation.

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