Nutritional Value of Drinking Cockroach Milk

Nutritional Value of Drinking Cockroach Milk

Cockroach Milk-The Next Super Food

Nutritional Value of Drinking Cockroach Milk can actually be good for you, this holds true according to a recent study launched by a group of international scientists at the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (inStem) in Bangalore, India, and other institutions worldwide.

The group of Scientist spend ten years on this paper— seven for the research and three to get it published, Dr. Sanchari Banerjee, Dr. Subramanian Ramaswamy and team of scientists put together a study which reveals that the structure of milk protein crystals within cockroach are highly nutritious, containing almost four times the energy of cow milk, and three times the energy of buffalo milk.


Nutritional Value of Drinking Cockroach Milk
Milkable Cockroach species

What you Need to Know Before Milking a Cockroach

  • Not every cockroach fits the bill.
  • The cockroach has to be female and milkable.
  • Ideally about 54 days old, that’s when the embryos reach 40 to 45 percent gestation.
  • Make sure these cockroaches belong to a species called Diploptera punctate—the only known species of roaches that gives birth to live young found primarily in the Pacific area.

Nutritional Value of Drinking Cockroach Milk

Cockroach Milk is three times richer in calories than buffalo milk (the previous top contender for the most protein- and calorie-rich milk) … So could a competitive health-food market that already stocks cow, goat, almond, soy, cashew, hemp, rice and coconut milk now see cockroach milk as the next superfood.

How to Milk a Cockroach

Process involved in milking cockroach is obviously nothing like milking cow or almond milk. Noted Chavas, the process involves killing a cockroach without crushing it, as—in order to retrieve all the shiny, nutritious crystals—one would need to open the insect’s abdomen. To Store the crystals is relatively straightforward—“The crystals just need to be stored in a pH-neutral environment where it’s neither too acidic nor too alkaline.

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The concept of milk here really refers to the nutritious substance that is meant for the young, and not the white-colored liquid that you and I get from the supermarket.

Note that Taste-wise, It doesn’t really taste of anything..


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