Baobab: African Super Food

Baobab: African Super Food
Baobab tree

As the search for the so-called “superfoods” intensifies, many health food fanatics are now increasingly turning to nutrient-packed products originating from Africa rich foods, namely the Baobab: African Super Food.

The latest craze is the baobab — known as “Africa’s superfood,” the sugar-free fruit is making its way into the mainstream thanks to its high levels of antioxidants, calcium, vitamin C and potassium.

But it’s not just the baobab.
For millennia, the continent’s fertile lands have provided a bountiful supply of indigenous plants for food and medicine. Harnessing years of shared knowledge passed down through the generations, savvy foodies with an eye for business are now using local produce to create healthy dishes — and make a fortune in the process.
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